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TMJ Doctor Los AngelesSymptoms of TMJ disorder can be debilitating. If you have TMJ symptoms, we can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan designed to alleviate your symptoms and restore function and the full range of motion to your jaw. Our Los Angeles TMJ doctor offers a variety of treatment options that can help you.

Researchers do not fully understand what causes TMJ problems, but have linked a variety of risk factors to its onset including bruxism, anxiety, stress, malocclusions, arthritis, poor posture, excessive use, and a history of trauma to the jaw. Our TMJ doctor in Los Angeles will evaluate your risk factors, your personal medical history, and your symptoms as we make a diagnosis. The symptoms of TMJ can mimic other conditions, so it is important that we rule out these conditions and ensure an accurate diagnosis. In some cases, we may recommend an X-ray or another type of imaging test of the joint to determine if there is any damage, inflammation or underlying conditions that need to be addressed.

Los Angeles TMJ Doctor

If our Los Angeles TMJ doctor determines that you have TMJ disorder, we will develop your treatment plan. There is no single treatment plan for every patient. We will personalize your treatment to address specific symptoms and potential causes for maximum benefit to you.

Common treatments include:

• Conservative therapies, such as cold packs, dietary changes, relaxation techniques, and massage
• Physical therapy
• Medications, including pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, and corticosteroids
• Bite guards
• Orthodontics and other dental treatments to manage dental problems that could cause or contribute to the TMJ symptoms
• Surgery

Our TMJ doctor in Los Angeles may recommend one or a variety of treatments to help your TMJ heal and relieve your symptoms. Periodic assessments may be recommended to monitor your jaw to ensure that you are recovering as expected. Once your symptoms are fully resolved, you may need to take steps to ensure you do not injure the joint again. You may need to preform special exercises to keep the muscles that support the jaw strong and healthy. You will likely also need to avoid bad habits, such as gum chewing or nail biting, which can overwork or damage the joint.

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