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TMJ Specialist Los Angeles

TMJ Specialist Los AngelesTemporomandibular join disorder, also known as TMJ, is one of the most painful and debilitating conditions a person can suffer. The painful symptoms of TMJ can be located in several different areas of a person’s face including at the jaw joint, along the side of the jaw, and in front of the ears and it is a condition that only becomes worse when it is left untreated. Our TMJ specialist in Los Angeles is able to offer relief to patients while their jaw heals.

Because TMJ affects the jaw, a person’s ability to speak, eat, and yawn can become all but impossible. With the most severe cases, even the slightest movement of the jaw can result in extreme pain. Anyone who believes they have TMJ should be aware of its causes. TMJ is most commonly associated with a deterioration of the disk that lines the jaw, damaged cartilage, accidental trauma to the joint area, arthritis, and bruxism or teeth grinding.

Los Angeles TMJ Specialist

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It is important for anyone suffering from the symptoms of TMJ to avoid using their jaw joint as much as possible. While our Los Angeles TMJ specialist can employ several techniques to help speed up the healing process, the best treatment is for the joint to ultimately heal itself which can only be done when the joint is not aggravated. Patients with the most severe cases can be treated with Botulinum injections which help to align the jaw so that it can heal properly.

Our TMJ specialist in Los Angeles can help patients deal with the pain they are suffering with prescribed medication. For those with minor TMJ disorder pain, over-the-counter medication may be sufficient. Also, muscle relaxants are commonly prescribed to patients whose TMJ disorder is likely caused by clenching or grinding their teeth. These muscle relaxants can also help with the headaches that are commonly associated with TMJ.

TMJ disorder is a serious issue that must be dealt with properly. Our Los Angeles TMJ specialist has spent years researching and treating the problem and their experience with the issue goes unmatched. Anyone who believes they are beginning to sense the symptoms associated with TMJ should call to schedule a consultation immediately so that our expert can begin helping their jaw joint to heal properly.